SPF50 Shades of Black (and some grey)

Become the Shadiest Overlander
  • Australian Designed

    But with added South African and American Flair.
    Drawing on experience from 3 of the most regarded overlanding environments, we set out to create the world's best awning brand.

  • Maximum Coverage. Maximum Shelter.

    It's all fair and well to replicate what others are doing. Thats the easy route. We went a few steps further, ensuring that we maximized our square meterage of coverage.
    Are we compensating? Maybe.

    But you'll thank us for it.

  • Ultimate Strength

    Featuring our unique Victory Frame across all of our awnings, we have ensured that our framework meets and exceeds the strength requirements to make our awnings built to last, in any conditions.

    We didn't skimp on the canvas either, with heavy duty SPF50+ Wateproofed 320gsm polycotton ripstop.

  • Once You Go Black.....

    3 years of testing in the harsh Australian sun. We have found there is no discernable difference between Black, Grey, Khaki or Olive Green canvas, both to the touch, and ambient temperature underneath.

    So we bucked the trends, and there's no going back .

Who Is Shady Overlander

When the sun is out, in your local spot. Who you gonna call? Shady Overlander!

With the largest shade coverage on the market across our range of awnings, Shady Overlander is here to provide the ultimate shelter for you and your family from Sun, Rain or any other elements mother nature throws your way.

Beach, Mountains, or the wide open Outback, Shady Overlander has you sheltered.

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